Custom Built Media PC for Creative People

Custom built Windows 10 Workstations designed for Media Creation including Desktop Publishing, Photography, Audio and Video.

At Media PC we take away the inconvenience of building your own PC, and offer all the advantages of a PC designed for your desktop publishing, photography, audio and video needs, perfectly.

We have taken a look at the sales of our Media PCs since the inception, and what we have found is that no one wants the cheaper less powerful options, which makes sense, you can buy that anywhere. We also found most people bought our mid tower system, not the small form factor and not the larger tower systems. So to make things much easier, for 2021 we have one system on offer, with limited options that make sense for the creator looking for sheer performance in a stylish mid tower system. Unleash your creativity now, with our MPC521 System.

Our Media PC builds use the highest quality components, including Gigabyte Motherboards, 10th Gen Intel CPU’s, NVIDIA GPUs, High Quality AIO Liquid Cooling and Seasonic Power Supplies. Prior to shipping we fully test each and every build we do to ensure your new Media PC performs to expectations, both ours and yours. When your new Media PC arrives, simply turn it on and you are ready to go.

Media PC hand builds custom Windows 10 computers in Sydney, Australia that are tailored for use in desktop publishing, music creation, image editing and video editing. All Media PC computers are fully setup and tested prior to shipping, to ensure they meet the expectations of our customers and us! No matter if you are a desktop publisher looking to speed up Photoshop, a recording studio looking for a powerful computer to handle huge multi-track projects with many plugin instances, a photographer manipulating RAW images, or a video editor working on 4K content, we can provide you with a Windows 10 based Media PC fit for the job.